im sore from hiking today and I have a cold


one time this girl asked me where my parents are from and she was like wow I wish I was from a cool place like that and then she started listing all the european countries her ancestors are from as if I care what kind of white she is

things i cannot believe:

  • one of my own friends told me she is “1/24 cherokee or something” and “this is why i love tribal print!!!!

omg…..I just found the other side of the earrings my grandma gave me…and they were outside I’m so lucky I found them a week later and it was still outside even after all the rain and wind???

this post is about death so yeah

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more pictures from today

Cherry blossoms!!

omg i am freaking out  about this episode of game of thrones omggg

I got new shoes :~~)

I got new shoes :~~)